Dynamic Staking Rewards Coin

  • Name : DSR Coin
  • Ticker : DSR
  • Algorithm/Blockchain : Ethereum
  • Standard : ERC20
  • Supply For next 365 Days : 21000 DSR
  • Maximum Total Supply : 34000 DSR
  • Lifetime Guaranteed Exchange Rate: 29412
  • Free Distribution : 0 DSR

  • (Only 34000 DSR will be created forever. And only 21000 will be in circulating for public)
  • Each DSR point value = 1.618

DSR Stake

DSR Holds/Stake : 1.0

  • DSR point value (1) means, 29412 QPY
  • When any one want to liquidate his/her staking contract
  • QuantaEx give a guarantee to refund him/her 29412 QPY


Trade : 0.4

  • QuantaEx will release (0.4) means
  • 40% of its trade profit from QuantaEx Liquidity Pool (QLP) to a Public address Daily
  • All profits immediately converted to QPY/ETH as of users demand
  • This 40% added to users account every 7th days


Withdrawal : 0.2

  • QuantaEx distributes its 20% stake earned from withdrawals
  • All profits immediately converted to QPY/ETH as of users demand
  • this 40% added to users account every 7th days

Team member will not get any single DSR for free

Rest of DSR will put in cold storage. In future, if community and QuantaEx want to increase its circulation then a portion will be sold out at market price based is ETH which is basis on the price of [29412 QPY] forever.

  • In return for the DSR that are contributed to the QLP, QuantaEx will pay back rewards in golden ratio for their participation.
  • Participants will receive their original principle of DSR back immediately once they choose to exit QLP.
  • Reward is paid in any cryptocurrency that QuantaEx has excess in after utilizing the staked DSR for that.
  • This means your rewards could be remunerated in BTC, ETH, QPY, or any other cryptocurrencies at QuantaEx’s discretion.
  • Important: QuantaEx has full discretion on the assets that are paid for the rewards distribution. It is likely that rewards distributions will not occur until the price of QPY has matured.


DSR is the ticker symbol for Dynamic Staking Rewards which is QuantaEx’s investment cryptocurrency. DSR is a utility to and is used to access the QLP. DSR is also used to transact with QuantaEx’s consulting business and will utilized in other business units that are in QuantaEx’s product pipeline such as the education and angel investors platform.

DSR Reward

How Do I Buy DSR? Where Can I Get DSR?

If anyone wish to purchase DSR to participate in the QLP, please register for an exchange account with trade ‘Registration’ only requires you to enter your email address and create a password.

Then anyone can buy DSR Coin.

To contribute QLP (Buy DSR Coin) everyone have to pass KYC. Otherwise they may buy DSR but will not be eligible for joining QLP.

How Do I Calculate My rewards Distribution?

Your rewards return is based on a tiered structure and the amount of DSR you have contributed to the QLP.

Please visit https://www.quantaex.com/dsr to see the tiered chart and determine your payout rewards.

What Are The Requirements To Access The QLP?

All QLP participants must have their exchange account verified in order to access the QLP. To verify you account please login to your exchange account and click on the profile icon/logo. You will be prompt submit your KYC information as required by AML regulations.

If you have any quesor concerns regarding your account verification please email support@qpay.group for further assistance.

After the QuantaEx compliance team has verified your account you will see the “QLP” tab in the QuantaEx platform and become accessible (initially this tab will be grayed out and you will not be able to access it.

Upon accessing the QLP tab for the first time you will need to read and agree to the terms of service of QLP. After you accept the terms of service you will then be able to stake your DSR to the QLP.

How Do I Stake My DSR to QLP?

Once you have accessed the QLP tab in the exchange you will need to navigate to the “DSR Lockup” menu. Here you will be able to enter the amount of DSR you wish to contribute to the QLP.

Each time you perform an action in the QLP (stake tokens or withdrawal tokens from the QLP) they will be locked for a minimum of 24 hours but not longer than 47 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds.

This is to preset for anyone from manipulating the QLP by entering into the QLP for less than 24 hours to receive a full day’s rewards distribution. We have designed the lock in period to be fair for all users.

When Will My DSR Be Unlocked?

A DSR participant must be locked into the QLP for “45 calendar days” BEFORE that participant is eligible receive any rewards distribution.

What Are the Risks of Staking My DSR?

The high price mark is to protect investors of DSR - meaning no distributions will be made until that hit price has been reached.

If the exchange makes a loss, nothing will be deducted from your exchange account and you will not your principle loan amount.

The opportunity cost by locking in your DSR to the QLP for the lock in period.

Insolvency of QuantaEx.

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