What is “QUASH” AKA QPAY Payment Gateway?

QPAY payment gateway will be something revolutionary by not only providing the benefits of a typical payment gateway system but also by providing users with the flexibility that many often seeks. “QUASH” is set out to be the first exchange powered payment gateway system. Surprisingly it will boast few features which were not present or offered by any other payment gateway systems till now! “QUASH” will be build upon a private blockchain and it surely will be something that can certainly raise the bar up high in this space by allowing the clients/merchant’s wallet-wallet TX will be free of any kinds of Gas cost. Creating a different kind of opportunity for the end users to enjoy and take the full leverage of the newly introduced system. By introducing a different version of something that most of the people are used to now, “QUASH” is going to take a more appealing approach with the offering of something unique by allowing the merchant to settle a deal without any additional fees or gas cost. In this day and age where any kind of transactions or deals consists various kinds of Fees/Changes/Gas cost in sort of an installment manner, “QUASH” with its private blockchain is promising something unique and revolutionary to its users.

Technical details of “QUASH” (QPAY Payment Gateway)

Using for

Customers submit their orders to a supported online store.


Online Store

Store verifies their order and gets a response from the private blockchain payment gateway system it it’s a go or it’s a no.

Fair Economy

High Performance

Zero Fees

Get Quash

Payment Gateway

After the confirmation arrives of a possible deal then if the user have enough funds to make the deal purchase he or she has to confirm the payment from their end which will be a secure payment method provided by private blockchain payment gateway.

Confirm Payment

The confirmation will then go through the main highly sophisticated and advanced payment process which is able to make a tremendous amount of calculations per second.

Payment Processor

Settle the payment with the exchange and will calculate the real-time price instantly. It will also provide the confirmation of an successful transaction to both persons on the different end of the deal.


After the sophisticated payment processor evaluates everything it will send the confirmation to the Exchange (QuantaEx)


the merchant will get paid in the real time value on that given day and time.