Wallet Features

BTC, ETH, QPY and 50+ other cryptocurrencies in wallet available as an Android, iOS and Web app.

Simple and
Easy Checkout Experience

Using our click-to-pay and scan-to-pay payment system, customers experience fast and easy shopping from any device. Our responsive checkout page perfectly fits to any screen from desktops to smartphones and supports all major languages to accommodate global customers.

Smooth and Quick Integration

Start accepting cryptocurrencies instantly with easy to use payment buttons, embeddable forms, checkout pages, email invoicing and an API for custom integrations. Keep your transactions safe and secure over SSL secured endpoints, no matter which payment method is used.

Low Processing Fee

Credit cards and Paypal take up to 3% in fees on every transaction. Accept payments with us for a fair 0.9% processing charge.

How to start using a Q-Wallet?

Your all-in-one solution for wallet. Secure way to buy and send Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.

Download Wallet

Wallet is available for all major Operating Systems.